“F*ck Cam Newton” – Cam Newton Says He Chose Auburn Over Mississippi State Because Anthony Dixon’s Uncle Got Drunk & Said They Didn’t Need Him

Cam Newton
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Anybody who was a college football fan back in the 2010s remembers just how much of a dawg Cam Newton was in his lone season as a starter in Auburn.

After stops at Florida and Blinn College, Newton exploded onto the college football scene in 2010 at Auburn, throwing for 2,854 yards and 30 touchdowns, while also rushing for 1,473 yards and 20 touchdowns, leading the Tigers to a National Championship win over Oregon. He won the Heisman Trophy that year as well.

To this day, Newton is still one of the most electric players to ever play the quarterback position in college football, as he was one of the first true big QBs with serious dual threat abilities. That Auburn team basically steam-rolled every team they played in the 2010 season in route to a National Championship.

However, Mississippi State might’ve actually been Newton’s first choice over Auburn while he was transferring from Blinn. Of course, it was rumored that Newton’s dad tried to get some money out of MSU for him to attend.

Newton made an appearance on the The Yak podcast, and told host Brandon Walker (who used to cover Mississippi State sports before taking a job with Barstool) the reason why he ultimately chose Auburn over Starkvegas. He admitted that Mississippi State was his best college visit.

Newton said:

“Auburn had 22 seniors returning, and Mississippi State is still Mississippi State… At that point in my career it wasn’t just a popularity contest, it was a business decision to make.”

He went on to say that some loose lips at MSU told him that he wouldn’t start:

“I was ridiculed by Anthony Dixon’s uncle. He said f*ck Cam Newton, we don’t need Cam Newton… On my visit, man it was a lot of like ‘f*ck Cam Newton’. And then it was like man we gonna stick with Chris Relf.

And this was a couple of Hennessy shots in, Miller Lites in, but as the Bible say ‘a drunken tongue tells the truth,’ so I didn’t let that derail me from making my decision, it was just… damn?”

Apparently, Anthony Dixon’s (Mississisippi State RB at the time) uncle was the one was drinking and talking sh*t.

Do I find this hard to believe?

Absolutely, because who is gonna look at Cam Newton and think, “yeah, Chris Relf is definitely better than this guy.” However, I was not in the building for this conversation, and neither was anybody else reading this, so who actually knows.

But just imagine if Newton chose Mississippi State. He won a National Championship with a pretty bad roster at Auburn, and he could’ve definitely won one with the Bulldogs too. Makes ya think, don’t it?

Anyways, f*ck it. Cam Newton at Auburn highlights:

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