Chevrolet Partners With The Alzheimer’s Association For Tearjerking Christmas Ad “A Holiday To Remember”

Chevy Ad

Oh man, better grab the tissues for this one.

Chevrolet has released an emotional Christmas ad that’s hit home for many Americans and left viewers in tears at the holiday message.

The five minute ad, called “A Holiday To Remember,” comes as a partnership between Chevy and the Alzheimer’s Association and features a family preparing Christmas dinner with their grandmother, who is suffering from the cruel disease.

As the woman’s daughter asks her dad whether she has “more good days than bad,” he admits that there are days when his wife doesn’t even recognize him.

That’s when the woman’s granddaughter, who’s been listening to the conversation from the other room, decides to take her grandmother for a ride:

“Let’s make today a good day.”

The grandmother’s eyes light up as her granddaughter uncovers their vehicle – a 1972 Chevy Suburban – and with John Denver’s “Sunshine On My Shoulders” playing in the background, the two drive around town as the granddaughter points out all of the places that hold important milestones and memories for the grandmother.

The sites trigger memories for the grandmother, as she reminisces on things like meeting her husband while they were in high school and putting her grandchildren in the back of the Suburban. And when they get to a drive-in movie theater, the granddaughter has one more memory to share:

“Gramps says this is where he first kissed you.”

But the grandma quickly corrects her:

“No. I kissed him. He was far too shy.”

And in that moment she’s back and realizes:

“Bill. I need to see Bill. He can’t do the dinner alone.”

They head back to the house, and as they pull in, the husband gets in the car and realizes that, at least for a little while, he has his wife and his family has their grandmother back – just in time for Christmas dinner.

The ad hit home with viewers, many of whom said that they’ve had to go through the experience of losing a loved one to Alzheimer’s.

The whole ad is worth the watch, and it unfortunately hits too close to home for too many people – myself included, after losing my grandfather to dementia last year.

Check it out – but make sure you have the tissues handy.

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