Massive Python Reels Possum Up Into The Rafters By Its Head

Snake attacks possum

When you see a video like this, you know that it had to have taken place in one of two locations: Australia or Florida.

That theory holds true in this shocking footage that shows a python slowly lifting up a Brushtail possum to the rafters of a small building. Does anyone else get Tom Cruise in the very first Mission Impossible movie vibes from this?

You know, this scene:

You’ll have to see what I’m talking about in a moment when you watch the video of the python trying to “reel in” the possum. In fact, it’s even more like Mission Impossible than I initially thought, considering that things don’t go according to plan for the python (just like they didn’t for Tom Cruise).

The footage picks up right when the python is lifting the Brushtail possum slowly up towards the rafters of the outdoor structure. There’s a good chance that the big snake initially attacked and killed the marsupial while it was sitting up in the rafters, and this is just a clip of the python retrieving its meal.

And if you’re thinking… that doesn’t look like the kind of possums I get in my garbage cans, it’s because it’s not. Technically, we have O-ppossums here in America.

With the possum’s head securely held in its mouth, the massive snake was coiling itself and its catch back up to the roof, presumably so it could consume the Brushtail while it rested in the elevated space.

At first, it appeared that the python was going to be able to pull up the possum with ease, but towards the end of the video, the snake slows down in its retrieval, and eventually loses the grip that it had on the heavier Brushtail and it flops down to the ground below.

Snakes (specifically pythons) are very particular with their hunting tactics, so there’s a chance that this one ended up leaving the possum on the ground and moving on after it dropped it’s meal. Must be some sort of ego thing…

Take a look at the horrifying video below:

Absolutely brutal, especially if the snake ended up leaving it anyways.

Those in the reply section of the post could barely believe what they were watching, yet at the same time agreed that stuff like this only happens in the “land down under.” Below are some of the best comments on the python’s failed possum fishing:

I’ve never heard of a snake being described as a “danger noodle,” but I’ll definitely have that as a part of my vocabulary moving forward.

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