Alley Oop! Dolphin Tail-Slaps Fish To Flying Seagull For An All-Time Great Assist

dolphin flip fish

Some call these two the Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen of the ocean.

For the most part, nature is an “every man for themselves” type of thing.

Sure, mothers will care for their young and some fathers also stick around to protect the females and the babies, but that’s about where it ends. When it comes to different species, forget about it because the more you help another the less resources there are for you.

But, I guess every rule has its exception – which we can see play out in this video.

A group of boaters were out on the water (the video is tagged St. Petersburg, Florida but I can’t confirm location beyond that) when they spotted a dolphin swimming close by the boat. One of the people started videoing and just so happen to capture one of the greatest displays of interspecies teamwork you’ll ever witness.

While dolphins have no problems gobbling small fish with just their mouths, they sometimes want to stun a fish before chowing down. They do this by smacking them with their tail and sending it flying through the air and the dolphin just easily swoops in and gets the motionless fish floating on the surface when it lands.

An interesting method no doubt, but hey, whatever it takes to survive in the open water.

Well, this dolphin decided to smack a fish just a few feet away from the boat but it didn’t turn out quite like it was planned because while the fish was soaring through the air, an opportunistic seagull swooped in, grabbed it midflight, and took off.

I mean, what? The odds of that are astounding, even if the seagull knew dolphins do this from time to time, to be in the exact right place at the exact right moment to make your move is mind blowing.

I’m sure the people in the boat had to roll the tape a few times to fully comprehend this, it all went down so fast, but golly what a moment to see with your own two eyes AND capture for us all to watch for years to come.

This needs to be some sort of Olympic Sport; can they be trained to hit targets?

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