Jelly Roll And Riley Green Team Up For Performance Of “Copenhagen In A Cadillac” At The Grand Ole Opry

Riley Green Jelly Roll

I’m going to need more of this duo.

I think that “Copenhagen In A Cadillac” is an overlooked song in Riley Green‘s catalog. Found on his latest album, Ain’t My Last Rodeo, the song featuring Jelly Roll is the ultimate country boy anthem. Mudding in the fields with a fat lip in your in, the track’s title perfectly sums up the subject matter you’re about to hear.

Last week, during The Big 98’s Friendsgiving fundraiser show at the Grand Ole Opry, Riley Green and Jelly Roll took the stage together to perform “Copenhagen In A Cadillac.”

While Green admitted before the album’s release that he wasn’t sure how people would receive the unexpected collaboration, something about this duo works. I’m not sure if it’s Green’s clean-cut country boy look in contrast to Jelly Roll’s face tattoos that makes people think they wouldn’t collaborate, but their voices work perfectly together.

Riley Green kicks off the song, sitting casually atop a stool positioned in the circle of the historic stage. He nails the first verse, and then Jelly Roll steps in after the chorus and kills his verse. We all know that Jelly Roll’s got a set of pipes on him, but a stripped-down environment like this reminds you just how damn good he is.

The two are having a blast on stage together, leading to them getting into it in a lighthearted way, and in turn, the crowd is dialed in on them.

When they deliver the song’s last lines, the band dials it back a smidge and lets their vocals be at the forefront of the performance.

“Copenhagen in a CadillacSpinnin’ mud tires while we’re spendin’ our cashYou’ve never seen country look quite like that, yeahCopenhagen in a Cadillac.”

This should be a top contender for a duo performance at the next awards show. It’s killer.

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