Alabama Fan’s TV Froze Seconds Before Miracle Game-Winning Pass Against Auburn

Alabama fan's TV

Television has officially entered into its streaming era, and that means it’s vulnerable to the horrific, spinning cylinder known as “buffering.”

Cord cutting has been great in my opinion, though it does seem that the whole idea of it being a “cost effective decision” has slowly but surely become false. Anyone else out there probably paying just as much, if not more, for all of the streaming services than you did for cable a couple of years ago?

The only real reason that people are watching live television nowadays is because of sports. Unless you’ve got a really die-hard Golden Bachelor fan in your circle, appointment television only exists now thanks to the glorious existence of sports. Everything else is available the next day, or whenever you can get to it, thanks to streaming.

But if you call yourself a sports fan, you are tuning in to watch your favorite team play as it’s happening. That creates a communal watching experience, and often gathers groups of like-minded people together around a television to watch (if they don’t pony up and pay for tickets to go in person).

There’s just something about sports that gets people hooked, and no, I’m not talking about the sports gambling aspect of it. Sports makes you feel a certain way, which can be a good thing, and often times (probably most of the time) a bad thing.

But there’s something beautiful about being a part of something bigger than yourself that you can’t control. Sometimes it’s torturous, though it’s also frequently rewarding. By the way, all of this waxing poetic talk is coming from a guy who just had their favorite college and professional football teams lose in horrific fashion (Louisville Cardinals, Minnesota Vikings).

Thankfully I didn’t have a horse in the race that was the always entertaining Iron Bowl between the Auburn Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide. If you haven’t seen how that game ended, I hate to spoil it for you, but I’m about to.

Alabama won on an against-all-odds 30 yard heave, which is being coined the “Milroe Miracle” after Bama’s quarterback Jalen Milroe. It was 4th and goal from 30 yards away, and in classic Crimson Tide fashion, they somehow pulled off a hail mary for the win.

It’s one of the wildest plays you’ll ever see, that is if you did get to see it. The guys in the video below were gathered around their TV (like I was talking about before I got on my soapbox about sports) to watch the game, and had it buffer at the absolute worst time.

They must have been Alabama fans though (or had money on Bama at least) because they were pretty fired up once the connection caught back up to the live broadcast.

Take a look:

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