Snowmobiler Gets His Leg Snapped In Half Trying To Pet A Wild Moose

Guy gets beat by a moose

You can’t fix stupid…

Word of advice… if you’re in the wild, or even at a crappy public park in your town, don’t touch the animals. Wild animals are exactly that… wild. But of course, the stakes start to rise very quickly when we’re talking about large, aggressive animals like bison, bears, deer, and moose.

Native to North America, predominantly Alaska, Canada, and parts of the Northeast, as well as Scandinavia, Poland, Russia and a few other northern countries, moose are the largest members of the deer family.

Males, known as bulls, can weigh up to 1,500 pounds and stand up to 6 and a half feet tall at the shoulder. Females, called cows, can weigh up to 1,100 pounds. Males will also grow large, paddle-shaped antlers every year, which can span up to six feet across.

And believe it or not, moose are actually some of the most dangerous animals in North America and more people are actually attacked by moose than bears and wolves combined each year.

Why? Partly because people do dumb stuff like try to pet them, and the average person isn’t dumb enough to pet a bear, but also because they can be quite aggressive, especially a mother protecting her young. Bulls can also be aggressive during the fall mating season known as “the rut.”

They also tend to get more aggressive towards the end of winter when snow is deep and food is scarce. Imagine being hungry and tired, and then some dipsh*t starts throwing snowballs at you, or a dog starts bothering you… you’d be angry too.

Moose will generally run from confrontation, but due to their poor vision, sometimes they’ll charge first and ask questions later, for their own safety. With their long and powerful legs, they can kick and stomp the ever-living tar out of anything in their way… and this idiot snowmobiler learned that the hard way.

The incident occurred somewhere in Canada last spring, but in the video, you can see this bozo walking right up to the moose. The moose has its ears pinned back, an immediate sign that it’s pissed off… but it didn’t take long for the guy off his sled to figure that out.

In an instant, he’s met with a barrage of forceful kicks, crushing blow after crushing blow. He tries to scramble away, but is just being mauled by this angry moose.

The others in his snowmobiling crew try to get closer and yell for the moose to run off, but nothing doing… this moose isn’t going to be stopped anytime soon. Of course, they wanted to help, but not enough to actually get in there and try to stop the moose. Our dude behind the camera also wasn’t stopping this golden footage to save him… some friends.

Then it goes from bad to worse…

Eventually, the man sticks his leg out to get back up and CRACK… powerful kick right to the knee and you can actually see the leg snap in half (right around the 20 second mark for those who don’t care to witness it).

The video finally ends with the moose standing over the man, and who really knows if the beating was over… for the man’s sake, I hope so.

Remember folks, you mess with the bull (moose), you get the… mess kicked out of you.


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