Tom Brady’s Michigan-Ohio State Hype Speech Will Have You Ready To Run Through A Wall No Matter Which Side You’re On

Tom Brady
Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Those gusts of wind you feel throughout the Midwest on this brisk autumn Saturday are the consequence of millions of rabid football fanatics fanning themselves. Former Michigan quarterback Tom Brady set the mic on fire with a voiceover performance for the ages to hype up The Game between his Wolverines and Ohio State.

You can’t tell me Brady hasn’t been taking acting tips from Denzel Washington on the side. Either that, or somebody connected him with a certified Linklater teacher since his retirement. As an earner of a master’s degree in acting, I know a trained voice when I hear one. Either that or Brady is a broadcasting natural whose mega contract to break down the NFL with Fox will be the grand slam of all grand slams starting next year.

Don’t trouble yourself with the treble setting. Brady is bringing that BASS, or at least a deep baritone voice to this segment. GOATs are gonna GOAT, I guess. Count on TB12 to make sure that if he does something, he does it to 120% of his best ability.

I mean seriously, not trying to be hyperbolic here. While I admire Brady’s greatness to no end, I’m not some diehard Patriots fan or a Michigan man. I grew up in Columbus, Ohio. Rooted hard for the Buckeyes in my childhood. Even the most diehard THE Ohio State-ers can’t deny that Brady slayed the sh*t out of this thing.

In lieu of a message from suspended head coach Jim Harbaugh, the Wolverines can at least take this message from Brady to heart. It’s gotta be sweet to count the greatest football player of all-time as an alumnus.

PS, good on Tom Brady for promoting this: Getting student-athletes some more money for what they do.

“Student-athlete” is an interesting term to say the least. But in any event, they bring in countless millions of dollars for their schools. I know NIL is a thing now. It’s just that the most relevant and lucrative of those endorsement deals go to the most elite players. A small fraction of players have NFL futures to look forward to. Good on the company Autograph for donating to a noble cause.

Oh, and with all that said, sorry to that team hosting The Game today up in Ann Arbor but…

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