Chris Stapleton’s “When The Stars Come Out” Is Officially Certified Platinum

Chris Stapleton country music
Becky Fluke

One of Chris Stapleton’s most underrated gems.

His song “When The Stars Come Out” has officially been certified Platinum by the RIAA, which means it has moved over one million units since it was released as part of his debut studio album Traveller in 2015.

Written by Chris and Dan Wilson, I’ve always felt like it was one of his most underrated tunes and such a gorgeous song about young love and longing, which coupled with Stapleton’s incredible vocals and a simple production, has always been one of my favorite songs.

In addition, his song “Hard Livin’,” which was included on his 2017 From A Room: Volume 2 album, was certified Gold. That means it has moved over 500,000 units since it was released quite a few years back:

Chris Stapleton country music

Seriously, I’ve always felt like “When The Stars Come Out” should’ve been a single or something, because it deserves to be heard by the masses… of course, I imagine picking just a few singles from any given Stapleton album is no easy task, but clearly this song has organically become a favorite among fans regardless of radio play, so I’ll take it.

If you’ve somehow never heard this deep cut before… it’s well past high time to change that:

“When The Stars Come Out”

“Hard Livin'”

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