Nebraska Football Coach Matt Rhule Makes Appearance At Zach Bryan’s Omaha Show During “Revival”

Matt Rhule

Rally the Huskers.

“Revival” celebrity appearances are in full force, and what better way to get in the mood for football season early this year than to have Nebraska’s head coach make an appearance during “Revival” for night one of the Omaha shows.

After the detrimental tornados in Omaha, fans still showed up and showed out for Zach Bryan at his show. But ZB knew that the community was facing hardships as the storms damaged homes, businesses, and schools, so he brought out a face that would surely put a smile on everyone in the arena.

Nothing screams a little hometown pride like bringing out Matt Rhule.

But as some of the commenters pointed out, Nebraska is not a hot spot for celebrities, so sometimes you’ve got to pull out the sports coaches to make the moment memorable. Ask Tulsa… they know all about that, with Mike Gundy making an appearance.

Standing next to Zach’s dad (who many folks thought was Larry The Cable Guy) and sporting a Buc-ee’s shirt, Rhule holds a stack of papers and belts out the lyrics to the song.

The real question is, what is on the paper? Are there lyrics? Plays from the Spring Game he was going to pass out? The jury is out on that one (confirmed: tt was the set list), but the crowd seems to love singing the song with the man who leads the Corn Huskers on the field.

Check it out:

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