Denzel Washington & Tom Brady Recreate Iconic ‘Remember the Titans’ Scene About How Football Is No Longer Fun

Remember the Titans
Remember The Titans

We’ve known Tom Brady to have movie cameos, and even a senior ladies’ trip flick revolving around his entire being. What better scene partner to brush up on some thesp-ing than world-class actor Denzel Washington?

Brady knows that to be the best, you have to learn from the best. Or at least that’s generally true. Or we’ll pretend it is here. Denzel joined TB12 for a reenactment of one of the best scenes from Remember the Titans:

In the actual movie, Donald Faison’s Petey Jones is the one on the business end of coach Herman Boone’s rapid-fire exchange. It never fails to make me chuckle, and makes me want to go stream this thing right now on Disney+.

Here’s the full actual scene:

If for some reason you’ve never seen Titans, this is as good an introduction as any. The GOAT in the sport of football obviously loves the film, and I mean…anything starring Denzel is lit, am I wrong?

Also let’s give credit to Denzel here. I know it’s Tom Brady, but he could’ve easily big-timed a request to cold read a Remember the Titans scene. Wouldn’t blame him. Like, “Let’s keep the main thing the main thing, you’re lucky I’m doing this podcast, I never do them, etc.”

Any lingering doubt that Denzel is the absolute man is extinguished with this clip alone. Coach Boone is one of his greatest characters. He elevated what could’ve been a run-of-the-mill family Disney sports movie into an instant classic. When it dropped in late 2000, we all knew. And by “we knew” I mean that for the generation I grew up in, Remember the Titans was a watershed cinematic moment.

An imagined future scenario of the relationship between Tom Brady and Denzel Washington

I sincerely hope Brady continues down his acting track and takes his fiery demeanor to a movie set someday. He’s not hard on the eyes even in his mid-40s, and by the time he commands a story like he commands an NFL offense, he’ll be calling the shots, demanding on-the-fly rewrites and cranking out blockbusters left and right.

Then it’ll get to the point where he’ll work with Denzel. Forgot where I heard this: Rumor has it that when Denzel has a disagreement on set about the direction of a project, he’ll walk off and say, “Fifty-four.”

I made up that number. Moral of the story is, Denzel calmly states how many movies he’s made to establish that whatever he thinks is right is superior, and flees the scene. Probably goes back to his palatial trailer until the other storytellers come to their senses and make the necessary tweaks.

I would’ve preferred Brady and Denzel to mock-fight in the Titans read-through, or for Denzel to direct Brady, or to mess with him and tell him how awful of an actor he is and how he’ll never make it.

Even if it was a total joke, Brady would take it 100% seriously and be like, “what the f*ck did he just say to me?” and will himself to be a Hollywood A-lister in five years’ time.

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