Swimming Dog Narrowly Escapes Orca Charging In For Shallow Water Attack

Orca takes a run at a dog
Deonette De Jongh

There’s a lot of killer animals out there, but most don’t have “killer” in the name.

Orcas, also known as “killer whales,” are actually not whales at all, but rather the largest members of the dolphin family. These spectacular animals are massive and incredibly smart.

Males can weigh up to 12,000-pounds and females up to 8,000-pounds, and believe it or not, they have the second largest brain out of all animals in the world. They have incredibly good memories, and are very social animals that live in and hunt within their family units called “pods.” They will work together to take out different animals and share them with each other too.

An animal this big isn’t to picky about what they eat. They love to eat fish and squid but will target anything from birds to seals or even other whale species. They are the definition of an apex predator, with nothing above them on their food chain. They’re also the only creature known to hunt Great White Sharks. With a name like killer whales, you best believe they are called it for a good reason.

So, if you see one, it will probably be one of the coolest wildlife encounters of your life. But, you should also hope its while you are in the safety net of either a boat or on dry land.

These folks were out for a day at the beach in Mathesons Bay, New Zealand, when a pod of orcas came into their area. A diver quickly realized the danger and raced to nearby rocks. As he rolls up and out of the water to safety you can see the relief on his face.

After the diver is out of the way, the whales notice a dog swimming, playing some fetch and start to approach on it. The dog quickly notices too and swims for his life to shore. The killer whales swim much faster than the dog, closing the gap rather quickly, and coming in very close to the dog. I even get a little anxious watching the good boy swim in as the orca nears him.

Ultimately, the dog makes into shallow enough water in the nick of time, narrowly avoiding becoming whale food.

What could have been a devastating encounter, turned out to be pretty damn cool.

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