Quick-Thinking Golfer Tips Over Porta-John Where Carjacking Suspect Was Hiding

Cops find criminal in golf course
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

This carjacker got himself into quite the sh*tty situation. Wisconsin police officers were in hot pursuit of a carjacking suspect, and somehow the high speed chase came to a conclusion in a porta-john on a golf course.

Authorities were tracking down a stolen car from Minnesota that was spotted on the interstate, and things quickly came chaotic when the carjacker tried to evade the police.

The man’s high speed maneuvering on I-43 got reckless, and eventually led to a three car crash that left the carjacked vehicle wrecked and on the side of the road. Once the stolen car came to a stop, it is reported that four people got out of the vehicle and began to flee on foot.

One of them decided to run onto the nearby Lincoln Park Golf Course and had the smart idea of seeking refuge in an orange portable toilet. The guy apparently stepped into the porta-john while some golfers on a nearby tee box had watched the whole thing unfold.

One of the brave golfers decided to be a hero, knowing that the man was probably fleeing the police as they heard sirens closing in, and went over to the porta-john. What did he do once he got there? He tipped the damn thing over to where the door was facing the ground, effectively trapping the carjacker inside until police were able to arrive.

The video below shows body camera footage of the officers approaching the tipped over portable toilet and ordering the person to come out with their hands up. They eventually did, and of course smelled terrible since they just had a bunch of… you know, poured all over them.

The caption of the footage states:

“Two neighbors had just started a round of golf at Lincoln Park Golf Course in Glendale when they witnessed an arrest in a port-a-potty.

It was part of a scene that unfolded Wednesday in which two people were arrested after four occupants fled from a vehicle that crashed into multiple others on North Port Washington Road – a vehicle Glendale police said was stolen from Plymouth, Minnesota.”

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