Chef Who Was Awkwardly Kissed By Terry Bradshaw During NFL Broadcast Tells Internet Haters To Calm Down

Terry Bradshaw

In the modern world of “cancel culture,” this was a risky move by former quarterback and now NFL analyst Terry Bradshaw.

NFL on FOX’s entire crew was working on Thanksgiving Day, and as with many sports on television, there’s a lot of time to fill before and during the broadcast. That’s why the NFL crew invited professional chef Antonia Lofaso onto their broadcast to “show them how it’s done” when it comes to preparing a Thanksgiving meal.

The 47-year-old celebrity chef had just finished up her segment when the 75-year-old Bradshaw wrapped his arms around her from behind and kissed her on the side of the face. Many online have pointed out that her facial expression didn’t exactly scream “thankfulness” when Terry went in for the smooch:

As the kids are saying nowadays, “oof.”

A lot of people are using the defense of “that was barely anything” and “Bradshaw is from another generation,” and as we all know, those things haven’t worked as valid excuses during the “Me Too Movement.”

It wasn’t the most outrageous display of affection, but it was still enough in 2023 for the internet call out Terry Bradshaw on social media:

The only good thing that was said online was a post from the celebrity chef herself, Antonia Lofaso. She took to X (formerly Twitter) to put a stop to all of the nonsense surrounding the Bradshaw kiss and said this:

“Putting all the rumors to rest… Terry Bradshaw is one of the sweetest people and this was an innocent gesture of enjoying my dish! Happy Thanksgiving!”

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