Best Buy Manager Does His Best Stone Cold Steve Austin For Epic Black Friday Pump Up Speech

Best Buy employee

The circus has already begun.

Somehow, for some reason, there are currently millions of people at stores across this country, shoving, pushing and throwing elbows over a semi-discounted 45in Flat Screen TV with compatible soundbar and I just don’t get it.

How after spending an entire day with your family, celebrating how grateful we are for all the awesome stuff we have in this life, do we jam into parking lots, rip our horns at slow walking old ladies, and take what’s already a somewhat miserable job to almost unbearable heights for the retail workers?

But alas, this tradition is now as American as mamaw’s Apple Pie and workers and managers are finding way to prepare for the wild day of ravenous crowds.

The absolute best example has to be the store manager of a Best Buy in Tupelo, Mississippi a few years back when he huddled up his workers, jumped on a table, and gave his store the pump up speech of the century.

The crowd is already at high energy when the video starts and you heard the iconic breaking of glass and heart-pumping intro music of Stone Cold Steve Austin. The pretty jacked but for sure still tells breakroom stories of his 1992 District Championship game winning tackle manager gets two cold ones tossed his way, cracks them open and does Stone Cold proud.

I mean he went for it went for it…

That would get me fired the hell up for a 12 hour shift of madness.

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