Detroit Lions Head Coach Dan Campbell Has Some Absurdly Bad Takes On Thanksgiving Food: “I’ll Throw That Right Out To The Dogs”

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We’re quickly approaching the most underrated holiday of them all: Thanksgiving.

How does it get any better than stuffing yourself like a Thanksgiving turkey with all kinds of food and watching football all day long? I seriously would love to know how a holiday like that (where you are also not required to get anyone gifts) can be topped.

And speaking of Thanksgiving and football, the classic Turkey Day NFL slate will feature the Detroit Lions taking on the Green Bay Packers. Since 1945, the Lions have hosted a game on Thanksgiving Day, and that streak continues this year, with fans more excited to see them play this time around as the team is one of the best in the league under Head Coach Dan Campbell.

So naturally, the media has been asking him some Thanksgiving themed questions in the days leading up to the game, and though Campbell has always been good at making headlines with his media quotes (he’s the guy that talked about biting kneecaps when he was first hired), this one about his ideal Turkey Day meal is causing quite the stir.

When asked about his ideal Thanksgiving plate, and some of his least favorite Thanksgiving menu items, on 97.1 The Ticket, Campbell gave this answer:

“Must have is ham. I’m a big ham guy. I’m not a turkey guy, unless it’s fried turkey, then I’m all for it. I’m not a dressing fan. I’m not a cranberry fan, I’ll throw that right out to the dogs.

That’s going straight off the plate and right on the floor. Everything else is fair game, I’m all good. I’ll load it right on top of each other, it’s a full stack.”

Turkey can be hit or miss, but no stuffing? No cranberry? Are you out of your mind?

Motor City Dan Campbell (MCDC) was then asked a very tough and divisive follow up question: pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie? He could have chosen to play it safe and talk up both sides (like you would as a football coach), but he instead got straight to the point:

“Umm, Sweet Potato Pie.”

That’s certainly going to hurt the feelings of pumpkin pie lovers out there. But Dan Campbell doesn’t care about hurting feelings, because he’s too busy eating ham and biting kneecaps.

You can listen to the full interview at the link below. The Thanksgiving meal conversation starts up around the 11 minute mark:

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