Davidson College Backup Offensive Lineman Declares For The NFL Draft With Hilarious Announcement: “I Will Provide Roughly Zero On-Field Value”

Barclay Briggs
Davidson Football

If there aren’t NFL teams fighting each other to draft this guy, they’re doing it wrong.

You’ve probably never heard of Barclay Briggs, even if you’re a die-hard college football fan. That’s because the senior from Houston, Texas serves as a backup offensive lineman for Davidson College, an FCS school that competes in the Pioneer Football League.

And another reason you’ve probably never heard of him is because he’s admittedly a “career backup” who “only played during blowouts or when starters got injured.”

But what he lacks on the stat sheet he makes up for in the locker room, and Briggs is declaring for the 2024 NFL Draft hoping that teams need a fun guy like him to help with the team morale. And his announcement is one for the ages.

Briggs announced on Twitter (or X…you know, the one Elon owns) that he’ll be foregoing his remaining eligibility to declare for the draft. But of course he had to thank all of those who helped him along the way: People like his parents, his coaches, his teammates, Oprah Winfrey and Winston Churchill.

He also understands that people are probably going to question why a career backup OL is declaring for the draft. But he has the perfect answer for the skeptics:

“I will provide roughly zero on-field value for an NFL franchise, but I’d probably be pretty fun to have around.”

Hey, team culture-builder is an important role. Every team needs a vibes guy. A hype man. Somebody who may not see the field on Sunday, but is there on Tuesday lifting the team’s spirits.

And the cherry on top of his announcement was the Bible verse that he quoted: Acts 2:15.

If you’re not familiar with that verse, it reads:

“These people are not drunk, as some of you are assuming. Nine o’clock in the morning is much too early for that.”

Just perfect execution all around from Barclay. The statement, the Bible verse, the mustache…if he doesn’t at least get a workout, there are 32 NFL teams that should be ashamed of themselves.

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