Red-Tailed Hawk Launches Aerial Attack On Yorkie Named “Lulu” & The Dog Owner Fights Back

Hawk attacks dog
Inside Edition

What would you do if a massive hawk came down and attacked your pet dog?

Hopefully you never have to realistically answer that question, though this Las Vegas pet owner did when a hawk swooped down and tried to carry off one of her two Yorkie dogs. The cute little Yorkies were just walking around on their back porch, minding their own business when a hawk launched an aerial attack.

This attack happened a lot like another one in British Columbia where an owner had let their pet Yorkie outside and a bald eagle swooped down to scoop it up. People with smaller dogs might need to use that story and this one as a bit of a warning…

The hawk might have initially thought it was seeing double when it decided to swoop down onto the back porch, but as it turns out, the pet owner Cecilia Celis has two of the same dogs, one being named Lulu and the other named Heidi. One has a bow on its head, and the other does not, and the Red-Tailed hawk decided to go for the one without the decorative touch.

In the blink of an eye, the hawk dives down into the backyard area and grabs onto Lulu while the other Yorkie, Heidi, does her best to intervene, though not even both of the little yappy dogs working together (4 pounds in total) stand a chance against the bird of prey.

At one point, the noise of the skirmish happening on the back porch got the attention of Celis, who rushed out to try and help her beloved Yorkie that was in distress. The hawk had its talons wrapped around the Yorkie’s neck, and likely would have been able to fly off with it if it wasn’t for the dog owner’s brave heroics.

Celis first tried to shoo away the Red-Tailed hawk, but the big bird wasn’t phased at all. It clearly knew it had a good sized dinner on the menu if it were able to carry off the small dog. Cecilia told Inside Edition that she was doing everything she could to save her pet Lulu:

“I was screaming bloody murder.”

Realizing that yelling and waving her arms wasn’t going to work, Celis grabbed a weapon that was within reach (a seat cushion) and began to repeatedly hit the hawk over the head with it. Once it took a couple of blows to the noggin, the hawk finally gave up and released the small dog before flying away from the seat-cushion-wielding woman.

Lulu the Yorkie had a severe wound to her neck, and Celis knew that she needed to act fast to save her pet’s life. She rushed her to one of the nearest veterinarian clinics by her Las Vegas home, and the vet told her she that made there with Lulu with seconds to spare:

“We took her to the vet, and they told us that luckily I got her there in time.”

Lulu ended up making it through the vicious hawk attack, and it seems as though her Yorkie sibling Heidi got off pretty easy. If you own a small dog, make sure you keep an eye on them.

Like the video says below, if you don’t watch them like a hawk, there’s probably a hawk high above doing so for you:

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