Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh Says Team Is United Amidst Sign-Stealing Scandal: “Locker Room’s Like My Mom’s Bathing Suits…Like To See ‘Em In One Piece”

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It seems like Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh is still in good spirits despite being suspended for the rest of the season.

Michigan’s sign-stealing scandal has sent shockwaves across the college football landscape, and there are parts of it that almost sound straight out of a corny, poorly written sports heist movie. Case and point: The main guy in the scandal is named Connor Stalions.

And some more layers were peeled off of the smelly onion that is the Michigan Wolverines’ football program when a booster was discovered during the investigation by the name of “Uncle T.” Again, a name like that sounds incredibly made up, and the internet was convinced that “Uncle T” was former Wolverine and 7-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady.

Despite all of the controversy, Michigan is currently ranked third in the nation and boasts an undefeated record of 11 and 0. There’s no doubt they are one of the favorites to make the college football playoff, though if they were to win once they get there, the no-nonsense NCAA would be more than happy to take those wins away from them (after an investigation that lasts nearly a decade, which is fast by NCAA standards).

Weirdly enough, Harbaugh can still act as the head coach of his team during the week, he just can’t be on the sidelines during the actual games. That still gives him plenty of control over his team, and various opportunities to crack dad jokes in front of them.

And though there was concern that the team would be distracted by all of the outside noise as they fight for a championship, Harbaugh was clear that’s not the case. During a recent media appearance, Harbaugh described the team as being united – as only Harbaugh can:

“With all the outside noise, our locker room’s in one piece. Locker room is a lot like my mom’s bathing suits; like to see them in one piece.”

Classic stuff from Jim Harbaugh.

Social media has really enjoyed that quote, but if you are like me, that line actually sounds very familiar. Fans of Ted Lasso might recall the coach of Richmond F.C. himself using the wise crack when he was speaking about two guys that were “breaking up his locker room.”

The scene happened in the first season of the show (episode four to be exact), and if you don’t believe me, the official Ted Lasso X account (formerly Twitter) sent out a post with the exact quote:

Caught you red handed once again Coach Harbaugh. First he was stealing signs, and now he’s stealing jokes…

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