Fans Are Convinced That Tom Brady Is The “Uncle T” Who Funded The Michigan Sign Stealing Scandal

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This Michigan cheating scandals just keeps getting deeper and deeper…

Just yesterday the Wolverines accepted a 3 game suspension levied on head coach Jim Harbaugh by the NCAA after the elaborate, and reckless, sign stealing scandal headed by Connor Stalions came to light in a big way.

Obviously, not great timing for the team as they are just a week away from a matchup with Ohio State that will serve as the de facto Big 10 championship, with the winner being guaranteed a spot in the College Football Playoffs, but, to my dismay as a Penn State fan, this Michigan team looks ready to take that challenge head on.

It was a bit surprising that the team suddenly reversed course yesterday after maintaining a strong position that Harbaugh didn’t know what was going on and did nothing wrong, but reports started coming out that irrefutable evidence was presented by the NCAA, which forced the team to accept the punishment.

And some of that evidence is now available for us thanks to the work of Dan Wetzel and Ross Dellenger at Yahoo Sports.

According to their sources, a Michigan Booster, named “Uncle T” may have at least partially funded the sign scouting operation headed by Stalions, while linebacker coach Chris Partridge participated in destroying evidence. Partridge has since been relieved of his duties.

The identity of “Uncle T” has yet to be revealed, but it didn’t take the internet too long to come up with a potential suspect.

One who played quarterback for Michigan. Who went on to be the greatest NFL quarterback of all-time and racked up untold millions of dollars from salary and endorsements. One who’s been known to push the rules a bit to favor his team. One who’s had a lot of time on his hands recently thanks to retirement and a divorce…

You guessed it, the internet believes “Uncle T” is none other than Tom Brady, and while I don’t know if I fully buy into the theory, it’s pretty interesting to think about and some of the posts have been downright hilarious… Let’s look at a few.

Good stuff there, but while I’d love to circle the wagons and claim that it just may be true, the same people who broke the story have now come out and stated that “Uncle T” is in fact not Tom Brady…

The identity of this man remains a mystery, but my goodness is there going to be a great documentary made about this in the not too distant future…

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