Nebraska HC Matt Rhule Compares College Football To The Mafia: “Eventually You Get Whacked”

Matt Rhule

The world of college football is competitive, but I had no idea it was mafia-level competitive.

If you ask Nebraska Head Coach Matt Rhule how he feels about it, he compares football at the college level to be a lot like being a crime lord. With the amount of money that’s involved, and the amount they steal from student athletes in free labor, I guess I can see where he’s coming from.

But rather than viewing it like the mafia from those aspects, Matt Rhule was comparing it instead because of the fact that one moment you can be a part of it, and then the next you’re gone. Maybe too serious of a comparison, but you can see where he’s coming from.

While talking with the media, Rhule (who coached the Carolina Panthers before he was hired at Nebraska) first laid out his point by saying this:

“When it comes to the coaching carousel, you know obviously I’m very sensitive to that because while I was hired last year, I was also fired last year. I sometimes get sad at the vitriol when I see coaches get yelled at and screamed at.

I can promise you there is not a coach in America right now that is not trying hard to win. So why people are so hurtful…what’s going to happen is what’s going to happen. To be like that is (something that) I don’t understand.”

And the juiciest part of his quote was when Rhule went full Godfather and started talking about the mafia. Some people might think it is a stretch, but he does have somewhat of a point. It would literally be impossible for every coach in the country to go undefeated, and that fact is apparently lost amongst college football fans.

Rhule went on to say:

“With all that being said, this is competitive. This is a life we’ve chosen. This world, to me, is always like the mafia. You get hired, eventually you get whacked, and you live as much as you can in between.”

Hopefully the mafia doesn’t take offense to him saying that…

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