Jameis Winston Delivers Heartfelt Message To Jordan Travis Following Florida State QB’s Catastrophic Injury

Jameis Winston
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With the Florida State Seminoles fighting for their College Football Playoff lives on Saturday, the ultimate disaster scenario struck. Star quarterback Jordan Travis was tackled after rushing for a 16-yard gain, and his leg bent in a way that is in no way natural.

For the umpteenth time, the grim reality of football and the injuries it incurs hit every spectator like a ton of bricks. It’s to the point where, as a writer, you barely even want to cover it. Good on Albert Breer for his messaging here.

You can see the video of Travis’ injury here if you’re so inclined. Obvious warning: It’s graphic.

All the CAPS LOCK posts on X ring a little hollow to me. I get it. You’re reacting in real time. You’re an empathetic, human soul. I don’t know, though. Seeing all these folks rack up engagement numbies just for CAPS LOCKING harder than somebody else over a player’s potential football livelihood? Pretty crass. Not for me. Rubs me the wrong way some.

…Now for what we’re here for. What came out of that awful, awful situation was ex-Noles QB Jameis Winston offering words of encouragement to Travis. The former Heisman Trophy winner and No. 1 overall pick has never had a big fan in me for so many reasons, but credit where it’s due here. No cap(s).

“I just want to continue to lift him up and just keep your head up, stand firm…be strong and courageous. Like the Lord has a plan for you that no man, nobody can ever even imagine.

So just stay resilient. He has done that, so I know that…To him and his family, I just wanna pray for his family, that they’re well. He’s gonna be fine, I know he will.”

You can hear the emotion in Jameis’ voice right where the transcription starts there. That has to be tough to see in person, being right there on the sidelines, knowing that beyond everything that’s at stake for the resurgent Florida State football program, the well-being of Travis makes all the other stuff feel, well, a little insignificant in the grand scheme of life.

Like no doubt, having a perfect season with national championship aspirations derailed by a 3-7 North Alabama team would be a seriously tough blow the Seminoles. But what happened to Travis puts things into perspective a bit.

Big ups to Charissa Thompson opponent Molly McGrath for succinctly analyzing why this is so heartbreaking for Travis in particular:

Football really is an unforgiving sport. Truly wishing Jordan Travis the speediest of recoveries. You never know with injuries this gruesome. A good way to finish this off is to show how both teams rushed out to see Travis before he exited the field:

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