Travis Kelce Trolled By Taco Bell, Chipotle & Olive Garden Over Hilarious Old Tweets

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Travis Kelce continues to impress the Swifties, which is no easy feat by any stretch of the imagination.

As Taylor Swift’s relationship with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end heats up, her fans are doing their due diligence to make sure they approve of Taylor’s new man. And of course that includes digging into his old tweets.

Though, as it turns out, they’re actually pretty wholesome and funny.

Of course Kelce and Taylor are the same age, so fans were quick to point out that while Taylor was writing songs about love and heartbreak, Travis was…tweeting about feeding a squirrel a piece of bread (while misspelling both “squirrel” and “piece”).

They also noticed that Travis tweeted a LOT about eating Chipotle – but that he had trouble actually spelling it.

Luckily for Travis, the Swifties pretty much came to the consensus that they approve of the relationship even more after seeing just how unproblematic Kelce’s old tweets are.

But that didn’t stop Taco Bell, Olive Garden and Chipotle from taking full advantage of the tweets, as they each trolled Kelce on social media…

They each replied or mentioned his old tweets with Taylor Swift lyrics, which of course, also went viral on X (Twitter).

Hey, gotta take advantage of the 15 minutes while you can, I guess… and knowing the power of the Swifties, they probably have three new favorite lunch spots, and I’m sure the stock of these three restaurants probably skyrocketed:

This meme wins the internet, though…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock