Florida Woman “Borrowed” Alligator From Zoo, Planned On “Partying For Days” With It For Her Birthday

Florida alligator

Okay, this is an absolutely classic Florida Woman story…

While Florida Man gets a lot of the fanfare, there’s just as many female wackos down in the Sunshine State that also do some things that are incredible for all the wrong reasons.

Example 47204: A 25 year old Orange County woman being cited for “borrowing” a baby alligator from a zoo and keeping it in a hotel bathtub.

Yep, just what you expect a 25 year old to be doing these days…

The actual incident occurred back in September but bodycam footage of the encounter was just released of when Orange County deputies were called in to help remove a baby alligator from a bathtub at the Grove Resort and Water Park in Winter Garden, Florida.

Upon arrival, they found a woman who stated she had “borrowed” the gator from Croc Encounters in Tampa. She used to work at the reptile zoo and still had a set of keys, which she used to enter the facility before it opened.

After taking the baby gator, she drove the hour and a half from Tampa to the Orlando area hotel, rented a room, and placed the gator in the bathtub.

When asked what she was going to do with the gator, she said that she was going to “party for day” since it was her birthday and wanted the gator to take pictures with. Croc Encounters didn’t press charges, the gator was safely returned, and she ended up with only a citation from the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission.

Obviously that story is crazy on its face, but watching the bodycam footage shows you that this girl was whacked out on something. The arm motions, swaying, slurred speech, I mean my goodness when she said she was going to party for days this chick meant it…

It should go without saying, but please don’t “borrow” an alligator to take pictures with while on drugs in an Orlando water park hotel bathroom… Sure, it gives us a great story, but man there were just so many things that could have gone wrong here…

Also did she call the cops on herself? Did she tell people she had an alligator and they called the cops? Did she invite people over and they were like “Holy shit, you’ve got an alligator in your bathtub!”? There are still a lot of unanswered questions here, but one thing that can never be questioned is the resolve of a Florida Woman to have a good time, whatever it takes.

Oh, and how about the officer pointing to the gator’s genitals when an onlooker asked if it’s a boy or a girl, I mean can this encounter get any stranger? “That’s how he sticks it out” I mean come on guy…

This makes me love Florida so much more than I already did.

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