Co-Parenting At Its Finest: Bald Eagles Take Shifts Guarding The Nest In Snowstorm

Bald Eagles
Friends of Big Bear Valley

As Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock once prophetically said, it takes two to make a thing go right.

That might as well be the theme song for this pair of bald eagle parents taking care of their eggs in their nest, and doing a great job of doing so by the way. Our nation’s bird usually mates for life and their lifespan is around 30 years, and something tells me the eagles in this video have gone through the nesting process a couple of times before.

Bald eagles build some tremendously sized nests, with some of them measuring in at over 8 feet in diameter. That, of course, means that these tree top resting places can weigh a lot, but the big birds know how to carefully craft them so that they last and stay in place high up in the trees.

And let me tell you, this bald eagle couple picked out an outstanding place for their nest. The views are immaculate, and you’ve usually got to pay a pretty penny to have mountainous views like these birds have.

I’m guessing that the view makes it easier to sit stationary on the eggs for long periods of time.

But judging by the video, one of the bald eagles never sits on the nest for too long. It appears that the big bird couple has this process down like clockwork, considering as soon as one the majestic creatures lands on the nest, the other starts to get up and prepare to fly off on its own adventure.

Take a look:

Seeing the bald eagles trade out and work together is just another example of the beauty of nature.

Both parents are pulling the rope and helping keeps the eggs warm, and social media was loving every second of it:

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