Zach Bryan’s Duet With Kacey Musgraves “I Remember Everything” Is Officially Certified Gold

Zach Bryan Kacey Musgraves country music
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You love to see it.

Zach Bryan and Kacey Musgraves’ duet “I Remember Everything” was officially certified Gold by the RIAA today, meaning it has moved over 500,000 units since it was released just a few months ago.

In addition, the album it was included on, Zach’s self-titled Zach Bryan, was also certified Gold:

Zach Bryan Kacey Musgraves country music

And not only is it a Gold record now, the song already peaked at #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 all-genre chart, a first for both artists, and has also been sent to country radio as a single.

It’s also nominated for TWO 2024 Grammy Awards in the Best Country Duo/Group Performance and Best Country Song categories.

I was obsessed with “I Remember Everything” from the very first listen, and it’s still my favorite song on his aforementioned album.

I mean, how amazing is it when two of your favorite artists get together and deliver a song that’s this damn good? It makes being a fan of music so much fun.

The heartbreaking tune, written by Zach and Kacey, finds the narrators reminiscing on a past relationship and admitting that they remember every little moment and fleeting evening they spent together:

“Cold shoulder at closing time,
You were begging me to stay ’til the sun rose,
Strange words come out of a grown man’s mouth
When his mind’s broke

Pictures and passing time
You only smile like that when you’re drinking
Wish I didn’t but I do
Remember every moment from the night’s with you”

There’s something so forlorn and magical, yet heartbreaking about it, and I simply cannot get enough.

And in a crazy turn of events, Kacey shared on Instagram that she actually had “full blown strep” when she recorded her vocals, which makes it all the more impressive because she really sounds perfect.

She added that only confirmed what she already knew about it, though: “This song is sick as f*ck.”

Amen to that…

“‘I Remember Everything’ – out now. Thank you, Zach Bryan for having me collab on this gorgeous song. I definitely pulled some of my own life into it.

Fun fact, y’all: I had full blown strep when I recorded this song but somehow I pushed through. So it’s confirmed: this song is sick as fuck.”

Kacey’s pure and beautiful voice contrasts so beautifully with Zach’s more gruff, raw vocals, and this is by far and away one of my favorite singles released this year, and I don’t see how anyone else is going to top it.

I don’t know what they put in this song, but clearly it’s working on every single level… now we just need them to perform it together somewhere live (and maybe make another song together in the meantime).

They have yet to announce who will perform at the Grammy Awards next year, but this should be extremely obvious that their live debut with this hit should be there…

“I Remember Everything”

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