The Rock Tells Joe Rogan About Buying His First Car From A Drunk In A Nashville Honky Tonk: “I Was Gonna Be A Country Music Singer”

Joe Rogan and The Rock
Joe Rogan Experience

The episode so many people have wanted is live.

Joe Rogan just posted another episode of his podcast and this time his guest was none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Many people remember the back and forth the two had when Joe was in the midst of his “cancellation” over his stance on Covid vaccines, where The Rock offered to come on the podcast until a video resurfaced where Rogan repeatedly used the N-word.

The Rock originally commented on a video Rogan posted to Instagram where he was speaking about what he did to recover after getting Covid and his stances on the vaccines in general:

“Great stuff here brother. Perfectly articulated. Look forward to coming on one day and breaking out the tequila with you”

But things changed once Rogan’s old N-word video was brought to his attention.

Now, we have 3 hours of chit-chat from two of the most popular people on the face of the planet.

Obviously, a lot of the conversations revolves around working out, as the two are very committed to a healthy lifestyle, but one segment that caught my attention is when cars were briefly brought up and Johnson asks Joe what is first car was at about the 1 hour, 26 minute, 20 second mark of the episode.

Joe spoke about his being a $350 1973 Chevelle that broke down the day after he bought it before Johnson told the story of his first car, and it was just as strange as you may expect that story to be.

He said he was hanging out in a honky tonk on Lower Broadway in Nashville at just 15 years old (if you’ve ever seen picture of a young Rock you’ll understand why they let him in without ID’ing him) because at the time he had dreams of being a country music singer.

That surprised Rogan and the two of them chatted briefly about their love for country, which both have shown publicly many times. Rogan has had Christ Stapleton, Zach Bryan, Luke Combs, and Sturgill Simpson on the podcast and in just about every episode tries to bring up Colter Wall, while the Rock recently praised Jelly Roll’s new album, joined Kelly Clarkson on a duet of “Don’t Come Home A-Drinkin”, and has said he’d like to record a song with Jamey Johnson.

After chuckling at the thought of The Rock trying to cut in in country music, he continued his story, which went like this.

“It was downtown Nashville… I had no business being in a bar on Lower Broadway, because I had this fantasy in my head that I was gonna be a country music singer.”

Country career didn’t pan out, but I think he did alright for himself…

“I would go down to these honky tonks, so I was down there with a buddy of mine named Downtown Bruno, who’s still one of my best friends today, and a drunk walks in and says “Hey, who wants to buy a car?”

And I had no car at that time, no money, we had just got evicted out of Hawaii and I said “I’ll buy it”, and I had no money. I said “How much?” He said “$75, 80 bucks” and I said “Cool”. 

I tell Bruno “How much money you got?” He said “I only got $40” I said “Give me $40”

So I give it to the drunk, who’s probably high too as well, and I said “Here, I’ll come back and give you the other $40.” Speaking of cool cars, it was a ’77 Thunderbird. Blue… It was a hunk of sh*t. 

Give the drunk $40 bucks, I said “Hey, I’ll come back and give you the rest tonight.” I get in the vehicle, I start driving down the road, Downtown Bruno is following me in his car, I’m like “F*ck I got my first car.”  You know how it is when you’re a kid, right, you’re like this is it brother. This is it.”

But wait… the old drunk wasn’t done yet…

“I’m driving down the road, on I-65 down in Nashville, and I hear a lot of noise, some rustling. You know on those big bodies they have the backseat and the floor is really wide? There was another f*cking drunk on the floor… I was like “What the f*ck?” He’s in the car. 

So I pull over and he’s just high as f*ck, probably a crackhead, and I said “Dude, I bought the car, you’ve gotta get out.” … He gets out. Then the next day I go to put gas in the car, by the way, I’m 15, I have no f*cking papers, the car is probably stolen. I try to put gas in it and the guy, the drunk, the crackhead, didn’t give me the gas key. Remember those old school that had the gas key? 

So I ditched it at a f*cking Burger King. That was my first car.”

Rogan obviously got quite the kick out of the story, but asked him why he didn’t try to jimmy the gas lock open, to which Johnson responds:

“Cause even at that time, and I appreciate me as a 15 year old, I’m like “You know what? I don’t think the universe really wants me to have this car. By the way, my mom’s gotta come, she’s like “What the f*ck is this? Where’d you get this car?”

I mean, come on, is that real? A 15 year old buys a car from some drunk crackhead in a bar for effectively $40 bucks, drives it off and finds another crackhead sleeping unnoticed in the backseat, and then ditched it at a Burger King when he can’t fill it up with gas? Sounds far fetched to me, but hey, this is The Rock we’re talking about, so I guess all things are possible…

Regardless, it’s one hell of a tale and listening to him was a good ole time.

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