Joe Rogan Praises Colter Wall Once More During Podcast With Jelly Roll: “That F*cking Guy Is So Oddly Talented”

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I think I speak for every Colter Wall fan when I say that we were all in awe the first time we heard his voice, and then also learned how young he is.

I mean c’mon, whenever you heard some of his early stuff like “Caroline,” “Kate McCannon,” and “Sleeping on the Blacktop,” there was no way you were thinking he was 21-years-old when he first recorded those songs off the bat.

However, there may not be anybody who is more shook about this fact, than Joe Rogan himself.

We’ve seen him play “Kate McCannon” for his podcast guests several times, and he almost appears to go into a trance every time he puts it on.

He shared his love for Colter’s western sound with Luke Combs, comedian Akaash Singh, and more. Needless to say, the man loved Canadian cowboy, and has even tried to get him on the podcast… to no avail.

So, when Jelly Roll made an appearance on his podcast, you already know he had to get the “Kate McCannon” cranking.

In the podcast, you can hear Rogan tell Jelly Roll:

“That f*cking guy (Colter Wall), is so oddly talented. The fact that he was 21 when he wrote that song, play that f*cking song. The fact that this cat is 21-years-old and he’s got this kind of, how many lives did you live before this one?”

As they listen to it, Jelly Roll says:

“It’s Johnny Cash vibes. It’s Johnny Cash western.”

And Rogan said:

“It’s like he absorbed it all. He doesn’t do podcasts but I’d love to sit down with that dude and go ‘Where’d you get all that? Where’s all that coming from? Were you just a freak for that old sh*t and absorbed it all?

Did you listen to every Waylon Jennings record that’s ever been made? Did you listen to Merle Haggard from the time you were two? Where the f*ck are you getting this?”

At all starts around the three minute mark in the clip below:

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