Baby Gronk Flips Commitment From Ohio State To Michigan As Heated Matchup With Chip Ahoy Goes Viral

Baby Gronk

The whole Baby Gronk situation is more than a little unsettling and problematic. At only 11 years old, he’s being paraded around all over the Internet to the tune of over 500,000 Instagram followers. Yours truly actually got a follow from Baby Gronk last week. Did not reciprocate. Was unfollowed in a matter of days. Weird energy but OK. No hard feelings.

Anyway, if it all works out for Baby Gronk and his family and he winds up being a college football and/or NFL star, more power to them I guess? Just don’t know how a kid could sign off on something like this. The young-in whose actual name is Madden San Miguel faces so much pressure in the coming years, with a massive target on his back. Everyone will want to get the best of him. Having already committed to Ohio State in the class of 2031 mere days ago, Baby Gronk made waves again on Tuesday by flipping his commitment to the Buckeyes’ archrival Michigan Wolverines.

Now that Jim Harbaugh is coaching the Los Angeles Chargers in the NFL, Michigan has its work cut out to build on last season’s national championship run, especially in losing so many players to the professional ranks. Who knows how good the Wolverines will be between now and when Baby Gronk hits campus in Ann Arbor? Will they be able to maintain their status as one of college football’s powerhouse programs? They certainly struggled for a number of years before Harbaugh’s arrival.

Will be interesting to see how Michigan and Baby Gronk develop over the next seven years or so. In the meantime, there’s another motor-mouthed, peppy upstart who goes by the name of Chip Ahoy. He appears to be a defensive back prospect of some sort. Chip was talking mad sh*t to Baby Gronk in a recent duel of the fates. Based on the initial clip that went viral, you’d think Baby Gronk’s confidence was shot for good.

In the words of Lee Corso: Not so fast, my friend! Baby Gronk’s handlers came from the top rope with footage of the little guy cooking the other little guy.

The monotone delivery of that TikToker above is a good bit of engagement baiting and/or a solid conversation starter regarding the difficulty of distinguishing AI from real people. Eek.

Kids like this who come across as punks/spoiled brats on the field and have way too much fame way too early…what could possibly go wrong? It’s sort of a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” proposition to cover a story like this. I think calling it out as f**king weird outweighs the “contributing to the problem” side of the dilemma.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Spencer Rattler should serve as a cautionary tale for Baby Gronk and Chip. Rattler fell to the fifth round of the 2024 draft in part because of a Netflix show he did in high school. Teams couldn’t get that out of their heads despite it being so long ago.

I do wish good luck to Baby Gronk as he navigates the marathon ahead. At what point does all this exposure turn toxic for him? Perhaps it already has, or perhaps Baby Gronk will just roll with it and be a raging success as a football player. It’ll be many years until we all find out together.

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