Swifties Dig Up Decade Old Taylor Swift Hate Tweets From Brittany Mahomes… And Now They’re Mad

Taylor Swift Brittany Mahomes

The ghosts of Twitter past strike again.

Just as Brittany Mahomes befriends Taylor Swift during a Kansas City Cheifs game, highlighting their new handshake, and shortly after hitting the town together, she might be in the dog house for this one.

The majority of the Swiftie internet is going bananas for Taylor Swift’s lyric swap during her Argentina show over the weekend in “Karma” to:

“Karma is the guy on the Chiefs,
Coming straight home to me…”

And her running off stage after the show to plant one on Travis Kelce:

@extra_tv #TaylorSwift ran into #TravisKelce’s arms for a kiss after night 2 of #TheErasTour in Argentina! 😘🥰 (📹: inyourcardigan/X) #TheErasTourArgentina #TheErasTourBuenosAires #taylorswifterastour #taylorsversion #swifttok #swiftie #taylorswifttok ♬ original sound – ExtraTV

Good for them…

But there is another crop of Swifties with their internet shovels, trying to dig up dirt from 2012, and now Twitter is going wild over Brittany Mahomes’ old tweets resurfacing. And the lesson shown time and time again lives on… Twitter recipients never go away (unless you delete them like a smart person).

Swifties have proven they are FBI agents once again digging up old Tweets from Patrick Mahomes’ wife from over a decade ago (when she was 17 years old) hating on Swift. The tweets span from 2012 to 2016, saying unkind things about Swift’s award-winning streaks to her songwriting topics.

Needless to say, Swifties are blowing up the internet, telling Taylor to flee the budding friendship.

Other Swifties also see Mahomes’ recent collaboration with Skims as a red flag, given the history of beef between Kanye/Kim Kardashian and Swift.

I suspect that Taylor Swift is so much in her love bubble that these Tweets will hardly affect her. But she also has an army of a fanbase that will rip her exes and past feuds to shreds, so all I have to say is good luck, Brittany Mahomes.

With her wavering likeness among Kansas City Chiefs fans, I have a feeling that this, combined with the rath from Swifties, will not bode well.

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