Zac Brown Reveals Plans For 2025 Residency At The Las Vegas Sphere

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Who is booking their trips to Vegas?

Since its opening, Las Vegas Sphere has been quite the attraction. U2 opened the unique concert experience, and their opening residency was followed by a residency by the jam band Phish. The Sphere is not your typical concert since the amp system is all built into the seats and around the arena, and, of course, the massive screens that display visuals that move to the music, it is a full-body experience (or sensory overload).

Our Slack channel filled up with dream artists they’d like to see right after the venue’s opening. While many of us thought that country music was far from seeing The Sphere, we might have spoken too soon. Zac Brown recently appeared on Theo Von’s This Past Weekend podcast and disclosed that he will be gracing the stage of the massive arena.

Zac Brown announced on the podcast that he and his band will be doing a residency in 2025. He opened up that he was able to attend U2 and Phish’s shows at the location and drew a lot of inspiration about how to work their shows afterward. U2 did the same show with the same visuals every night, but Phish did a completely different set each night with a new set of visuals.

Brown drew from these two styles to brainstorm the best way to amplify their sound on stage.

“That’s the greatest canvas that has ever been created, so far. And to get to be one of the first bands to go in there and do it…this is our masterpiece, man.” 

Zac Brown noted that he has been working with a team for over a year, which is the longest time he has spent composing a show.

“It’s going to be the biggest spectacle we have ever done. I am very excited because this puts us in another league. And the goal is for our band to just keep going, man, and be like The Rolling Stones or the Grateful Dead…yeah, Jimmy Buffett. Be in that legacy act thing. This is really our first thing that I am putting a year plus work into for making one show.”

Brown also noted that he is making it a point to attend a show by every artist who performs there until their residency to see how everyone utilizes the space and the visual component of the venue.

“I’m so excited, and I just wanna make something that…people that know me and know the full…like creatively what I’m capable of. But I’ve never had a place where I can fully utilize all of that and pull favors from all of our incredible people that we know and everything to pull something together and make something where it’s like you go and see this thing, and you leave there, and you go, ‘What just happened.’

So, that’s my baby. That’s my dream…and it’s happening. So now it’s like we’ve just got to grind all the details like every single thing getting it right.”

Brown also disclosed that he is bringing in a 40-piece orchestra, and he is working on getting those players and singers in to film their parts while also incorporating a “Vegas” element with dancers and acrobatics. He notes that some of the best shows create some tension and that this show would be a story, not just a display of American country music.

This will be a show that is unlike what we know from Zac Brown.

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