Hunter Uses A Trained Golden Eagle To Easily Take Down A Deer

Golden eagle hunts deer
@Bull-X TV

That bird is an absolute weapon… who needs a gun or a bow?

We’ve seen it before but it doesn’t make it any less amazing each time. It’s just so cool to think you can not only train a bird of prey, but also train it to attack the exact species you want to help you hunt. Honestly, it seems a little bit like unfair chase given that an eagle has an amazing ability to find, track and hit animals by surprise.

And if it were a hunting tactic we could use around here, I would be one of the first buying a hunting eagle.

Golden eagles are generally a pretty massive bird. They can weigh up to 11 pounds and have a wingspan over 6 feet, but the fact that they can hunt deer should tell you all you need to know about how big they are. In more mountainous parts of the world, golden eagles will try and hook their talons into various types sheep or goats, and then drag it off the edge of a cliff, or even just enough to cause it to slip and fall, for an easy meal.

But golden eagles are also used for hunting in parts of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Mongolia and Kazakhstan. They are the same as the ones in North America, we just aren’t allowed to posses and use them for these hunting purposes.

These animals are trained from a young age and are incredible successful at hunting everything from deer to wild boars. The video shows the trainer releasing his bird and captures it going in and hammering a deer that is on the run.

They go up and show the eagle gripped onto the deer. The eagle has it wrapped up like a pretzel and while the deer tries to kick free, it’s not gonna happen. The powerful bird looks proud as it stands on top of its prey.


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