Trevon Diggs Is Calling For His Brother Stefon Diggs To Get Out Of Buffalo As The Bills Are Officially Imploding

Stefon Diggs
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We’re now through 10 weeks of the NFL season, and with plenty of interesting storylines and struggling teams, we’re now entering into the “coaches getting fired” part of the year.

Who are some of the teams that are underperforming, thus putting coaches and players on the hot seat? Well, how much time do you have? To expedite the process, I’ll just include a list of teams below that are not playing up to expectations, which has led to many fanbases calling for coaches to be fired:

-Carolina Panthers (1-8)

-Atlanta Falcons (4-6)

-Chicago Bears (3-7)

-New York Giants (2-8)

-New England Patriots (2-8)

-Buffalo Bills (5-5)

There are probably some surprising teams on that list, especially considering the fall from grace that the New England Patriots have had since Tom Brady left his cold, cloudy team for the warm, sunny embrace of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Bill Belichick is officially on the hot seat, as crazy as that sounds.

And one of those teams on the list above is not like the others, and that’s because they are actually still second in their division (AFC East) at a record of five wins and five losses. The Buffalo Bills just suffered their fifth loss of the season in a heartbreaking, last-second loss to the Denver Broncos (Broncos country, let’s ride) last night on Monday Night Football.

The Bills should have walked out of their home stadium with a win, if it weren’t for one those pesky referees throwing a yellow flag on the final play of the game that gave Denver another shot at a field goal (after missing their first attempt). It was actually Buffalo’s fault though, since they had 12 men on the field, and as you probably already know, you’re only allowed 11.

So after coming into the year as one of the Super Bowl favorites, the Buffalo Bills are now projected to not even make the playoffs. They’ve got all the talent in the world, which is why most of the heat on the team has landed on the coaching staff. Head Coach Sean McDermott is on the hot seat, and for the offensive coordinator, his seat was so scorching, he actually got the boot earlier today.

Looks like the Bills are going to make some last ditch efforts to right the ship and save their season, though the likelihood of that happening isn’t all that great. Buffalo has the most challenging strength of schedule left in the NFL to finish out their season, and one of their star players is likely to start throwing a temper tantrum, as he has in the past.

Now we haven’t heard directly from Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs, but we have heard from someone close to him: NFL playing brother and Dallas Cowboys star defensive talent Trevon Diggs. Trevon got a lot of attention for a post he sent out last night talking about his brother, who wears the number 14, and how he should “get out of” upstate New York:

That seemed like more than enough commentary from Trevon Diggs, but he didn’t stop there…

Apparently he slept on that post above, and decided to double down on it this morning, suggesting with another post that Stefon Diggs is the only reason why Josh Allen has reached “elite QB” status, despite now leading the league in interceptions:

Thoughts and prayers out to Buffalo Bills fans, it is getting messy up there. And something tells me no amount of table smashing is going to fix this problem…

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