The Internet Is Outraged At Miranda Lambert For Appearing On A Festival With Jason Aldean And Kid Rock

Miranda Lambert Jason Aldean
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So, what can the internet find to be outraged about today?

Obviously social media isn’t real life, but it seems like every day people are on there getting upset about something or somebody. Of course it never really lasts long and people move on to the next thing, but hey, you’ve got to get those fake internet points somehow, right?

Well apparently today in country music the one people are upset with is…Miranda Lambert?

And it’s perfectly reasonable to question why, because Miranda hasn’t done or said anything of note lately. But apparently she made the unforgivable (in the eyes of the internet) mistake of…agreeing to headline a festival with Kid Rock and Jason Aldean.

Yeah, it’s as stupid as it sounds.

Yesterday, it was announced that the folks behind the annual Rock the South festival in Cullman, Alabama would be taking the show on the road and bringing a new festival to seven small towns across the country for a new series called Rock the Country.

Each festival will feature Jason Aldean and Kid Rock, and will also include names like Hank Williams Jr., Lynyrd Skynyrd, Koe Wetzel, Travis Tritt, Gretchen Wilson, Big & Rich, Randy Houser, and newcomers like Kolby Cooper, Elvie Shane, Pecos & the Rooftops and Treaty Oak Revival.

But the name that seems to have people upset is Miranda.

Folks took to Twitter to express their outrage and disappointment that Miranda would dare appear on the same festival as Aldean and Kid Rock:

Of course while Aldean and Kid Rock are both outspoken conservatives, Miranda has never been terribly political in either her music or her interviews.

The singer generally focuses most of her activism on her MuttNation Foundation, which focuses on rescue animals and shelters. But she did release a song in 2021, “Y’all Means All,” in support of the LGBT community, which was used in the sixth season of Queer Eye.

At the time, Miranda said the song was an attempt to be more outwardly supportive of those she cares about, including her LGBT brother:

“I think it’s just realizing, No. 1, that I should be a little more outwardly supportive — because I do have a platform that I’ve built with my career, to support things that I really care about. And I’ve also learned that I will never learn it all. I’m constantly trying to be understanding and inclusive.”

But I guess that doesn’t really matter since she’s…checks notes…playing a festival with Kid Rock and Jason Aldean.

Social media, man.

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