Cody Johnson Got A Tattoo On The Bottom Of His Foot (After A Little Too Much Alcohol) That Was Inspired By Waylon Jennings

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At least it doesn’t say “Mattel.”

Cody Johnson is clearly covered in tattoos, but he has one on a body part that you’ve probably never seen… on the bottom of his foot.

He stopped by the Country Heat Weekly podcast to of course talk about his new album Leather, which includes a cool collaboration with Jelly Roll on a song called “Whiskey Bent.”

Co-host Kelly Sutton also inquired as to who has more tattoos, because CoJo and Jelly are both covered in ink.

Cody replied that he wasn’t exactly sure because he’d never seen Jelly with his shirt off, but he did offer up some information that he does have a full sleeve, big cross on his back and also, one on the bottom of his foot:

“I don’t know, I’ve never seen him with his shirt off. I go all the way up… I’ve got one on my back, a big cross. It’s kinda like Irish looking — typical. It was my first tattoo.

I’ve got a ton on my chest, I even did the bottom of my foot.”

And of course, the ladies wanted to know more, with Cody saying the big culprit behind his eagerness to have the bottom of his foot tattooed was obviously alcohol:

“Alcohol… you wanted an honest answer. My tattoo artist, Buffalo Jake, you can look him up on Instagram, he was out on the road with me. All of my tattoos pretty much have been done on my bus.

We were talking about, when I worked for the prison, I saw some really crazy tattoos like body parts that you’re like, ‘How? Just how? I don’t even know how.’ And he was telling me ‘Yeah, I’ve got the top of my head done, I’ve done the inside of somebody’s lip and I’ve done somebody’s butt.’

And I was like, ‘What is one thing you’ve never tattooed?’ And he was like, ‘The bottom of a foot. And I was like, ‘Well, tonight after the show, we’re doin’ it.’ It actually kinda tickled. That man is the only man who’s ever touched my foot. I don’t let people touch my feet.”

And as it turns out, it’s inspired by the Waylon Jennings classic “I’ve Always Been Crazy,” and the line that says “I’ve always been different, with one foot over the line.”

So I mean, not exactly the worst thing he could’ve gotten tattooed after making a drunken, rash decision, but he didn’t do himself any favors by getting it on the arch of his foot.

That sounds like the most painful place he could’ve picked…

“Okay… so my favorite Waylon Jennings song is ‘I’ve Always Been Crazy,’ and in the second verse, it says ‘I’ve always been different, with one foot over the line.’

Well if you’re a carpenter, you would say ‘One foot over a line,” and that’s what it is on the bottom. So it’s not really elaborate but definitely, it’s in there. It’s in the arch…

I’ll find a picture of the night we did it, you’ll obviously see the alcohol involved. I laughed the whole time. I had a buddy I told him, I was like,’ Hold me down just in case.’ So he held me down and I was like, ‘You’re good, get off of me, this is fine.'”

What’s the point of a good, bottom of the foot tattoo if it doesn’t come along with an even better story, ya know?

And it doesn’t sound like he regrets it now, but if he did or ever does, at least it’s in a place that no one will really ever see:

“Whiskey Bent”

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