Jayden Daniels Messed Around, Had One Of The Best Games In College Football History, And Is Absolutely Worthy Of The Heisman

Jayden Daniels LSU
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We were only one week removed from this vicious hit on LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels, which put his status in question for Saturday’s game against Florida.

Despite acknowledging that he wasn’t 100% and couldn’t practice in full throughout the week, Daniels came to play against the Gators. To say the least. I mean…are these stats any good? Just wanted to ask.

The Heisman Trophy should go to the best player in the country. Period. Amid a sea of quality quarterbacks in the running for college football’s most prestigious award, Daniels has distinguished himself as the best and most consistent, high-end productive performer.

For whatever reason, bookmakers don’t see it that way.

Instead, Oregon’s Bo Nix has been installed as a big favorite due to superior team success. Same goes for Washington QB Michael Penix Jr., and Ohio State wideout Marvin Harrison Jr.

Like cool, Nix lit up USC’s hapless defense on Saturday and is a fine dual-threat signal-caller in his own right. He can’t do this in his wildest dreams:

Daniels’ explosiveness as a runner is off the charts. Such uncanny ability to accelerate to top speed will most definitely translate to the NFL.

Speaking of which, Daniels’ draft stock is skyrocketing not only due to what he can do with his legs. Look at these straight-up dimes Daniels dropped to Brian Thomas Jr. in pivotal situations:

We shouldn’t penalize Daniels’ Heisman candidacy based on LSU’s inability to play a lick of defense when it really matters. Sure, the Tigers have lost thrice this season. That fact has little to do with Jayden Daniels. He hung 49 on Ole Miss in one losing effort. LSU had 28 points under Daniels’ leadership against Alabama before he got knocked out of that eventual loss.

The only other defeat on Daniels’ resume was in the season opener against Florida State, who’s projected to be in the College Football Playoff as of now. Come on. Really? What are we doing here if Daniels is the fourth favorite to claim the Heisman hardware?

Especially when there’s precedent for someone with lesser team success taking the trophy.

Strike that Heisman pose, Jayden Daniels. You deserve it โ€“ even if the panelists/voters ultimately don’t see it that way.

Refuse to be humble about your Heisman campaign, Jayden. Shake up peoples’ perceptions of what team-based ticked boxes a Heisman winner should have on their resume.

Good on Brian Kelly going to bat for his quarterback, too.

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