Dog Walk Turns Into A Dog Run When Pup Realizes A Black Bear Is Stalking Closely Behind

Dog runs from bear

Dogs are apparently man’s best friend and man’s best bodyguard.

Every good boy (and girl) loves a good walk, as long as there’s not a black bear following closely behind. This woman casually walking her dog down the street was immediately thrust into danger as a black bear trailed them, and if it wasn’t for her furry friend, they both could have been bear food.

Security camera footage shows the woman walking her dog down the sidewalk when all of the sudden, the pupper on the leash stops to look back behind it. The dog must have sensed that they weren’t alone, or at least heard something walking behind them, and it stopped dead in its tracks to scan the area it had just walked from.

As its owner keeps walking along, the dog freezes for a moment when it makes eye contact with the bear, and immediately thinks “not today” as it takes off running. The bear’s presence alone spooked the dog and caused it to take off at full-sprint speed past its owner, with the dog only stopping because the woman pulled back on its leash.

The pet owner slows down her dog, and then looks back herself to see what the change of pace was about. She quickly puts two and two together, realizing that her pet doggo was running because there was a black bear on their heels, and she came around to the idea and took off running as well.

There’s a good chance the dog would’ve left its owner in the dust if it wasn’t leashed up, but it was at least able to alert its owner of the potential danger, and it appears that they both lived to go on a walk another day.

Take a look:

And the “Dog of the Year” award goes to…

Actually, I might take that back, considering that the dog probably would have left their owner behind if it wasn’t for the leash it was on. Everyone on X (formerly Twitter) was thinking the same thing, leaving replies under the shocking video saying:

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