Jimmy Butler Shuts Down Courtside Fan Pestering Him About His Parlay: “I Bought My House In Cash”

Jimmy Butler

Miami Heat superstar Jimmy Butler wears a lot of different hats.

First off, he’s one of the more dominant and intimidating basketball players in the NBA, even though he’s in the back half of his career. Butler is also an entrepreneur, forming his own Big Face Coffee brand, which started during the postseason that was played “in the bubble.”

When he isn’t playing basketball, or making coffee, there’s a good chance he’s rocking out to country music. He’s one the NBA’s biggest fans of country, even though his path to being a country fan was rather strange. Butler has even teased a possible country music project of his own.

And finally, he doesn’t give a damn about your sports betting and parlays, as proven by this video of him interacting with a fan that was sitting courtside during a game. Sports betting has become pretty big in basically every sport, but not big enough to make Jimmy Buckets care about it.

As Jimmy waited for the ball to be brought down the court as the Heat took on the Memphis Grizzlies, a fan saw the moment as the perfect opportunity to encourage Butler to reach a certain amount of points…so he could win his bet.

The fan can be heard saying:

“20 (points) man, score for me. Jimmy, I’ve got to pay my mortgage.”

Yikes, sports betting is fun and all, but depending on it to pay the mortgage on your house? That’s probably high up on the list of “questionable income dependencies.”

Though Butler could have just shrugged off the comment, he instead decided to dive right into it by replying:

“What? I paid mine. I bought my house in cash.”

That response got a number of laughs from the section that could hear it, and prompted the fan to then plead for Butler to try and hit a three because he “needed the money.” It looks like Jimmy was ready to pull the trigger if the ball got passed his way, but it never did, and the video concludes.

Take a look:

If you were wondering, Jimmy Butler finished with 15 points in the game against the Grizzlies, falling just short of the 20 points that the sports bettor needed.

Hopefully the guy was joking and didn’t really need the money, though judging by the tone of his voice, I’ve got a feeling he wasn’t…

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