Getting Ragdolled By A Falling Treetop Seems Like A Good Way To Hurt Yourself

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Florida Man strikes again, only this time, he was his own victim.

Cutting down trees is scary, which is why people generally call in a professional to deal with the problem. But what happens when the professionals don’t know what they’re doing?

This video shows just that.

A homeowner in Bradenton, Florida called in So and So’s Professional Tree Removal Service to deal with a too large pine tree and the guys showed up and got straight to work.

Now, I didn’t know this until doing some research after watching this video, but generally the process is to start at the top and chop small sections off bit by bit until you reach the bottom and then dig up the stump. Sounds simple enough, but when you’re dealing with a 50 plus foot tall tree that can weigh many thousands of pounds, just cause it’s simple doesn’t make it easy.

Well, this guy thought he climbed up the tree far enough up to make his first cut and began setting up for the fall. To avoid damage to things on the ground below them, he attached a cord to the branches that suspends the cut section in the air after it’s cut, after which it’s used to lower the tree part gently to the ground.

I’m not quite sure what this guy was thinking, because he left a solid 15-20 feet of tree above him when making the first cut and when that portion fell to the earth, it fell with some force. The weight was much greater than expected and instead of the cable keeping it off the ground, it tumbled to the earth and smashed some shed or other type of small building beneath it.

But that wasn’t the worst part…

The guy was attached to that rope and as the tree maxed out the slack, he was sent thrashing around the trunk, only kept from falling by his harness, but his arms, neck, back, and legs were slapping back and forth in a manner that means he had to have broken quite a few bones…

I’m in pain just watching…

Hopefully he was okay, but man it did not look good.

Even when you’re a “pro” things can go wrong when removing trees, so let this be a warning to all those husbands out there who say they can do it themselves. You can’t, just call the guy and let him take care of it…

Man, I need to ice my back down…

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