Model & Tom Brady Admirer, Veronika Rajek, Says Staring At Boobs Save Lives: “Blessed To Help”

Veronika Rajek
Veronika Rajek

Just last year, 27-year-old Slovakian model Veronika Rajek took the social media world by storm.

It all started when she posted a picture to Instagram of herself rocking a Tom Brady jersey at a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game, basically expressing her love for the quarterback.

In fact, there were even rumors that began to swirl that Rajek and Brady were dating, but those rumors were later debunked.

And of course, she also said that her body was “too dangerous” for the internet, which is automatically going to turn some heads when you make a comment like that.

During all of the madness, Rajek also discussed the reason why she has large boobs, and the reason is actually one of the wildest things I’ve ever heard:

“I didn’t have big breasts when I was younger because I was doing track and field for eight years. But one summer I was sunbathing, like naked, and I drank my father’s beer and I think they grew like this.

If you want to have big breasts, drink beer!”

I mean, can’t argue with that I reckon.

But in all seriousness, it’s no secret that Rajek rocks a near perfect body, and she has more than six million followers on Instagram to prove that tons of people want to take a peak whenever she posts.

However, little did she know that her body, specifically her boobs, could actually be saving lives.

According to Outkick, Rajek responded to an article on her Instagram story bout how staring at boobs could give dudes longer lifespans, and to her excitement, she said:

“So am I literally saving lives? I knew it, I was blessed to help.”

Look at ol’ Veronika out here doing the Lord’s work.

Stay healthy, fellas.

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