Bunnie XO Is Jelly Roll’s Biggest Cheerleader With Heartfelt Post After CMA Awards Win: “Here’s To Holding Their Attention, Giving Them Something To Talk About”

Bunnie Xo Jelly Roll
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Bunnie Xo is sounding off to the world how proud she is of her hubby.

The wife of rapper-turned-country star Jelly Roll has a large following of her own with her Dumb Blonde Podcast, and often gives fans a look into their crazy life and incredible backstory.

And she’s also her husband’s biggest cheerleader. So naturally, Bunnie was screaming from the mountain tops how proud she is of her man for bringing New Artist of the Year home from the CMA Awards.

The blonde bombshell took to Instagram to share a sweet photo from the red carpet. (I assume she would have shared a picture of them holding up the award, had Jelly Roll not dropped and broken it. RIP to the glass trophy).

With the image, she shares a sweet note to her husband, noting how extraordinary it has been to watch him come from his broken past to where he is now.

“What do you say to the man you’ve said everything to? 8 years & 3 months. That’s how long I’ve watched your metamorphosis. 

From street kid to philanthropist. You, my sweet cherubic boy, are the true definition of perseverance, grit & diligence. True life form of the tortoise & the hare. While friends around you were skyrocketing in an industry you wanted so badly to be accepted by, you graciously supported, loved & cheered them on. They ALL (the industry) told you no & you humbly said, “Watch this.”


Here’s to holding their attention, giving them something to talk about, defying all odds & showing people that you can be a rough around the edges lightworker.”

While fans of Jelly Roll are often fans of both him and Bunnie together, the comments section is FILLED with notes about how much people love their relationship. While some might deem them unconventional, it works for them, and they are beyond candid with their life.

With five nominations from the night, there is no doubt that Jelly Roll is one of the IT names in country music right now. Of course, there are also people who complain that Jelly Roll “isn’t country,” but I personally would say to hell with that.

A significant aspect of this genre is bringing people together, and Jelly Roll does just that with his music, philanthropic efforts, and his down-to-earth infectious personality. Whether you think he’s country or not, Jelly Roll is as real as they come – and that’s something country music has been missing for a long time.

While Jelly Roll said on the red carpet that being at the awards ceremony was a win in itself, I’m sure he left that night on cloud nine with a (now broken) trophy in hand.

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