Army Veteran Stops Carjacker In Starbucks Drive-Thru Line

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Salute to all of the veterans out there, especially this one that never stopped defending the United States of America.

A Starbucks coffee run in Florida turned into a living nightmare for one pregnant woman, but luckily a good Samaritan and U.S. Army Veteran was there to intervene. If it weren’t for a man by the name of Shane Spicer, everything would have gone down a whole lot differently.

As the woman was sitting in her car in the drive-thru of the Starbucks, a chaotic police chase was unraveling nearby. The police were in hot pursuit of a man who had broken into someone’s home and stole their vehicle, of which he was fleeing from the authorities in.

Dash cam and body cam footage captured the dramatics that took place at an intersection, when the man who was driving the stolen vehicle crashed it into another car, and quickly abandoned it and continued to evade the police on foot.

At this point, one of the officers reported to all others in the area:

“A white male bailing. He’s now at Starbucks.”

And he wasn’t going there to get a Frappuccino, he was instead heading right for the drive-thru line to try and get his stolen car count up to two for the day. The man went up to a woman in a white vehicle and attempted to carjack her, but another bystander wasn’t going to let that happen on his watch.

Shane Spicer jumped out of his vehicle and came flying in like a super hero to save the day, opening one of the doors of the car being jacked and pulling out the man that was attempting to steal the vehicle.

He later told WSVN 7 News what he was thinking as he rushed in to the help the woman in distress:

“I’m going to get you, buddy. You’re not going anywhere now. You crossed the line.”

Hell yes…

Spicer did his best to subdue the attempted carjacker, and was able to keep him at bay until police officer came in to take over and arrest the individual.

So shoutout to the U.S. Army Veteran for bursting into action and continuing to fight the good fight. He said in the interview that he never even thought twice about helping the woman, saying:

“I feel like if you’ve got the ability to watch out for someone, that you should. I would just hope that someone would do the same for my family.”

The inspiring news story can be seen below:

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