The “NFL Is Scripted” Crowd’s Latest Conspiracy Theory Says The Super Bowl Color Scheme Reveals Who Will Play In The Big Game

NFL super bowl script

Conspiracy theories and the NFL have recently been going together like Johnny Cash and the color black. There have been many keyboard warriors that have suggested that the National Football League is scripted, which realistically just seems impossible.

If each team got a script for each week of the season, that means that the NFL would have to entrust over 2,000 players and coaches with not spilling the beans and keeping the whole thing under wraps.

The idea is so preposterous that the NFL even poked fun at the conspiracy theory before the season started, and released an ad called “NFL Table Read” where players facetiously discussed the “script” for the 104th NFL season:

Another conspiracy theory that has been picking up some steam as of late is that New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers is faking his achilles injury, and that’s why he has been able to “recover” so fast.

I don’t really understand the idea behind that one, other than the possibility that Rodgers saw the Jets offensive line and said “yeah, I’m not playing behind that.” But again, some people are buying into it, even though it seems absolutely ridiculous (suspension of disbelief is essential for conspiracies).

And finally, yet another example of an NFL conspiracy has sprouted on social media today, with some social media users pointing out that the recent year’s Super Bowl logos have “predicted” who matches up against one another in the big game.

Super Bowl 55’s logo had an orange and yellow color scheme, and the Cincinnati Bengals (orange) and Los Angeles Rams (yellow) played in the game. The logo for Super Bowl 56 featured green and red as its colors, and the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs faced off.

So now, social media users are noticing that Super Bowl 57’s logo features red and purple, so many are concluding that this year’s culmination of the NFL season will be a matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens (could also be the Chiefs against the Minnesota Vikings).

Do you think there’s anything to this? Or are the colors and the team’s playing in the Super Bowl just a coincidence? All I know is that if the Ravens and the 49ers meet in the Super Bowl in Las Vegas at the end of the year, I’ll definitely be following this theory a little bit more closely.

Social media users were mixed on if there was any validity to this color scheme theory, sending out replies like:

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