Riley Green Says He Only Passed “Aqua Aerobics” The Last Semester Before He Dropped Out Of College

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At least the whole country music thing worked out for him…

Riley Green has multiple #1 hits at country radio, Platinum and Gold records to his name, and is currently out on the road for his Ain’t My Last Rodeo tour, which has already sold over 200,000 tickets this year.

So yeah, like I said, a country music career has worked out just fine.

But initially, Riley was focused on sports, and he was actually the starting QB at Jacksonville State University from 2007 to 2009 after walking on. During that time, he started getting into playing music more, and ultimately, decided to try his hand at a music career.

Specifically, Riley once remembered a game his grandaddy was at where he took a big hit from a defensive end, which caused him to do “three cartwheels,” which also led his grandpa to “give somebody hell” on the other end of the field for I guess not throwing a flag on the play due to how hard Riley was hit.

Riley went on to say that, after coming to that one game, his grandpa encouraged him to “start messin’ around with that guitar a little more,” which is southern for “This whole football thing is probably not going to work out and you should be exploring other options,” in case you need a translation.

And during a quick interview with The Next Round during the the Regions Tradition Pro-Am golf tournament earlier this week, Riley admitted that he never even “came close” to graduating, and lasted maybe a semester or two after he started playing in local bars around Jacksonville.

He also told the hosts that he passed one class his very last semester… which was aqua aerobics, one of those dumb electives they fore you to take:

“I didn’t get close to graduating… I started playing in bars like, 2011, just quit going to close. I think I hung in there for another semester or two.

My last semester, I passed aqua aerobics, the only thing I passed.”

And of course, that’s really funny and makes me wonder what the other classes were, but my mind first went to wondering what it would be like to be in aqua aerobics class with Riley Green? A girl can dream, but I digress…

Riley also explained that his academics were never really a focus of his, and before he started doing music, he was “majoring in football”:

“I don’t think I was gonna make it… my academics were pretty limited.

I was majoring in football until I quit playing football, and then like I said, I started play in Brother’s bar… all those little spots. I couldn’t make it to a 9:15 class.”

It sounds like the odds of him ever graduating were low, not because he isn’t intelligent but because he never really had the desire to do so.

And you certainly don’t need a college degree to sell out arenas all over the country…

You can watch the full interview with The Next Round here:

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