Could Aaron Rodgers Be Faking His Achilles Injury? A New Conspiracy Theory Says So…

Aaron Rodgers

Have you thought that Aaron Rodgers’ insanely fast achilles tear recovery has been a little suspicious? If so, you aren’t the only one.

Seeing videos of Rodgers walking around normally and chucking balls over 50 yards not even two months removed from his achilles injury have been illogical at times. Before Rodgers, the fastest ever achilles tear recovery in sports happened in less than six months, and the New York Jets quarterback is trying to come back in three or four.

Aaron’s weekly appearances on The Pat McAfee Show have also added fuel to the “Rodgers is coming back this season” fire, though he did say earlier today to pump the brakes on something he said during Monday Night Football that a microphone picked up.

In case you missed it, Rodgers told Chargers player Derwin James he’d be back “in a few weeks.” Check it out:

How would that even be possible?

Well, while some might say the advancement of science and surgery technology is behind the speedy recovery, others in the sports world have a different idea. I don’t know what the legitimate reasoning would be behind this proposed theory, but to be honest, I wouldn’t put it past Aaron Rodgers.

The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz, which used to air on ESPN and now airs on the DraftKings Network, is suggesting that the reason why Rodgers is going to be able to return this season is simply because he never even tore his achilles in the first place.

One of the producers on the show by the name of Billy “Gil” Guillermo opened up the conspiracy theory by asking the question:

“Is it crazy to wonder if he (Aaron Rodgers) never actually tore his achilles? Is a doctor going to come out and say he’s a liar?

In a war on medicine, there’s benefit here in saying you-know-what.”

Though it seems outlandish, a chorus of responses agreeing with Billy Gil came pouring in, saying that the idea that Rodgers faked his achilles injury is entirely possible.

However, the executive producer for the show by the name of Mike Ryan came in to put a stop to it by referring to the instant replay that appeared to confirm Aaron’s achilles injury:

“We saw it snap.”

That was met with a lot of things discounting the video that spread like wild fire on social media showing Rodgers’ achilles tendon recoil, such as “you can’t trust anything on the internet,” “that could have been AI,” and “that was a combination of CGI/prosthetics.”

Dan LeBatard, the leading voice of the show, finally broke through the crowd of voices to say this:

“That is a great theory… I’d be willing to seriously put out the conspiracy theory, better than the theory that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce is a propaganda concoction by the NFL to drive ratings, to throw out the conspiracy theory that Aaron Rodgers, since he went into the darkness retreat, all he found in the darkness is, ‘I must come back hellbent on beating science.’”

Dan LeBatard and his vast crew of producers then went on even deeper into the conspiracy theory, pulling back the layers and suggesting that Rodgers went as far to make an apparent public enemy out of ESPN reporter Adam Schefter (remember when Rodgers told him to “lose his number?”).

That way, when Schefter would ultimately break the news (after Rodgers gave him the green light of course) that Aaron tore his achilles and was out for the season, no one would question the information, because Schefter was reporting on a player that he previously had a falling out with.

You can view the ridiculous speculation from The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz below:

The whole thing is a real “put on your tin foil cap” type of conspiracy theory, and if you’ve ever listened to The Dan LeBatard Show, you’d know that this was all just a big joke led by the agent of chaos that is Billy Gil.

Still though, all of the pieces to this conspiracy are there, and if the NFL is, in fact, scripted like some people claim that it is, this would be the most cinematically intricate stunt the pro football league has ever pulled off.

Especially if Rodgers comes back to the Jets, gets them into the playoffs, and then leads the cursed franchise to a Super Bowl victory. Make sure to come back to this if article if all of that plays out, because I called it here first…

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