Dylan Wheeler’s Hunting Strategy? Blare Rap Music To Scare Deer Back Onto His Property

Dylan Wheeler country music

Deer season is officially upon us.

We all know that country music and hunting often go hand in hand, and as we’ve seen all over social media, quite a few of our favorite stars have been in the stands since opening day. While many take a traditional route of watching trail cams, using corn, and the virtue of patience, East Texas native Dylan Wheeler has a different way of doing things.

Before deer season opened, Wheeler shared a clip of checking trail cams after coming off the stage while his fans chanted for him to come on for an encore. If anything, the video shows Wheeler has his priorities straight.

@dylanwheeler_Priorities, it’s that time of the year folks.♬ Reaper – Dylan Wheeler

From the video, it appears he was gearing up for a good hunting season until the deer started to move to his neighbor’s land. He was taking matters into his own hands (and without baiting, of course).

“If those deer go over to the neighbor’s place, I’ll just walk over there later with that speaker. Scare them back over.” 

Some might find this unconventional, and others might fight this plan of action genius, just like Wheeler’s friend.

“Hell of a plan, really.” 

Wheeler then grabs his speaker to give a sneak peek of what the deer are in store. Grabbing his bottle of whiskey, Wheeler turns up Big Yavo’s “Dumb Ass.” Is the song fitting? Yes, because these deer would be dumbasses to fall for this migration tactic.

Their asses would be got if they moved from the neighbor’s land back over to Dyland Wheeler’s land lease.

The only thing I want to know is if Wheeler is on the neighbor’s land pushing them back to his land with rap… is he busting his ass to make it back to the stand for a takedown, or is he letting one of his buds post up in the stand ready for the buck’s return?

Also- who is to say the deer aren’t going to like rap? Maybe some Conway Twitty would gingerly lure them back onto his land.

These are some hard-hitting questions.

@dylanwheeler_Turtle Box got me cuttin up.♬ original sound – Dylan Wheeler

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock