Longhorn Smacks Oklahoma Sooners Fan With Its Horns After She Throws “Horns Down” In Its Face


Well, it seems as though college sports rivalries run so deep, the real life versions of team mascots are even in on it.

One football rivalry that always gets people fired up is the battle between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Texas Longhorns. Though both of those teams usually fizzle out at some point during the season, the matchup between the two squads is always electric.

Oklahoma took the game and the bragging rights back in October when the two teams faced off, with the Sooners taking down the Longhorn 34 to 30. The back-and-forth nature of that game was entertaining, and clearly left some bad blood flowing between the two programs.

And speaking of bad blood, one way to immediately enrage a fanbase is to take their cheer, or team gesture, and turn it against them. If you are confused by that, I’m referring to the hand gestures that some team’s have.

For example:

-The University of Miami puts their hands together to form a “U”

-The Louisville Cardinals make “L’s” with their hands and hold them up

-The Texas Longhorns contort their hands to make them look like the head of a Longhorn Bull

Those are all great, simple ways to show your fandom if you follow one of those teams, but the only downside to having something like that for your team is what opposing teams do with those gestures when they beat you.

When the University of Miami, the Louisville Cardinals, and the Texas Longhorns lose, the teams they lose to take their hand gesture and turn it upside down. It’s a really stupid way for opposing teams to say “you suck,” but it really does get under the skin of fans.

It even apparently bothered this actual Longhorn Bull, who must somehow know that the team it acts as a mascot for can sometimes struggle to live up to the hype they receive (Texas is “back” every year).

An Oklahoma fan was throwing up the “horns down” symbol right in front of the real life Texas Longhorn, and the bull wasn’t having it. As soon as the fan put up her hands with the anti-Texas gesture, the bull swung its big ole horns around and hit her right upside the head.

Take a look:

You mess with the bull, you get the horns.

College football fans in the reply section of the video weren’t sympathizing with the Sooner fan, with most of them even saying that she was kind of asking for it:

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