Coyote Rips Apart A Child’s Teddy Bear On Arizona Trail Cam

Coyote eats bear

Like the video’s description says, this proves the coyote problem in America has gone too far. Coyotes are one of the most prevalent animals found throughout the United States, with stable populations in every single state except for Hawaii.

According to WildLifeBoss, there are around 2.9 to 4.7 million of these wild canines roaming nearly every ecosystem in North America, and they cause a lot of problems.

Farmers defend their livestock against them, hunters try to not have their kills stolen, and homeowners try to keep their pets and children safe from the packs of coyotes that are never too far away.

For as nerve-racking as having your dog picked off by a coyote, what we see in this video is down right passed the red line.

Posted by Steve Rinella, professional hunter and host of MeatEater, a trail camera in Arizona captured the final moments a once beloved teddy bear had on this earth.

For one reason or another, a child decided to throw their teddy over a fence. Hard to blame the kid, I mean we’ve all done some dumb things growing up, but before a parent was able to walkaround and retrieve the bear, a pesky coyote took notice and thought it was about to get itself a free meal.

The coyote bursts into the frame, snags the fallen teddy, and begins thrashing it around. It seems to notice that something is off about this prey animal, but that doesn’t stop it from keep it tight in its jaws and bringing it back to the den, where it will undoubtedly get pulled apart at the seems in search of some meat.

A tragic fate for the once cuddly comforter, and a great reminder for all of us that we need to keep our kids and pets close by, because there’s always some wild animals that would love to score an easy meal.

“The coyote situation is out of control. It’s one thing to be losing America’s pets to these vicious predators, but losing our teddy bears is on a whole other level. Seriously, though, a guy in Arizona sent us this trail cam video.

His kids had thrown this teddy bear over the fence in the yard. Its sad fate was captured on trail cam.”

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