Koe Wetzel & MeatEater’s Steve Rinella Team Up For Duck Hunt In Montana

Koe Wetzel country music

Two of the best to do it, doing it together.

Texas’ finest Koe Wetzel took to Instagram today to show the world he’s been spending time with one of the greatest sportsmen of our generation.

Koe and Steve Rinella, the outdoorsmen, author, conservationist, and the host of MeatEater, recently took a trip to snowy Bozeman, Montana, for some duck hunting and took home a bunch of pretty mallards.

“Got to hunt some ducks with Koe Wetzel. We laughed our asses off and that boy ain’t bad with a shotgun. I also showed him a thing or two about singing, which he was real glad about.”

Koe’s caption included a quote from Sam Houston, that may or may not actually be from the Texas Revolution general and statesman (I’m thinking not):

“If it doesn’t burn going down, how can you be so sure it’s bad for ya?”

We all know Koe is a big fan of the outdoors, showing off one of his “largest free range bucks” at the end of last year and of course always making some time for a noodling adventure.

Steve has also shown his love of country music through the guests he’s featured on his hit Netflix show, like when he brought on Luke Combs for the season premier last year. He’s also had Whiskey Myers frontman Cody Cannon on as well.

And let me say, if there’s an episode in the works featuring the like of Ropyr Madison Koe Wetzel, the numbers are going to be through the roof, because there’s no way it wasn’t a hell of a good time.

Fingers crossed this will be coming out soon, but either way, awesome to see these two dudes chopping it up in the great outdoors.

Be sure to check out Koe’s appearance on On Tour Outdoors from earlier this year, when he bagged a big ol buck and sang the then unreleased “Yellabush Road” at the end.

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