Matthew McConaughey Inspires Texas To Blow The Doors Off Kansas State With An Awesome Hype Speech

Matthew McConaughey Texas

Matthew McConaughey is 54 years young as of today, and as a way of celebrating, the Oscar-winning actor gave a very real pregame hype speech to his beloved Texas Longhorns.

With a five-way tie among teams at the top of the Big 12, the Longhorns had the chance to get an edge on Kansas State and send the Wildcats tumbling down the standings. While Texas and its adversary may have the same 4-1 conference mark, it’s safe to say Kansas State was no match on Saturday in Austin after McConaughey dropped this:

GET ‘EM — or rather, HOOK ‘EM! — MCCONAUGHEY!!

Whether McConaughey’s oratory brilliance has any impact on Texas football on a weekly basis is unclear. Did it matter today? I don’t know. I’m going to assume it did, because my goodness, the Longhorns came out FIRING.

It’s about to be halftime as of this writing, and Texas is up 17-0. They’re outgaining the Wildcats a lot to ta little. Steve Sarkisian is coaching circles around the hapless visitors.

Doesn’t surprise me in the least. If Matthew McConaughey is telling you to go out, ball out, and protect your home turf, you’d better go ahead and do it.

AND Ricky Williams is being honored today!?

Come on. Zero point zero percent chance Texas is going to take an “L” in this spot.

…Welp. I just clowned/jinxed myself — the Longhorns just had a punt blocked. Whatever. SHH. I still don’t think Texas is going to lose.

In any event, the Longhorns really needed a strong performance today. As of now, Kansas State is the only remaining ranked foe on their schedule. It’ll take some magic and some external help to sneak into the College Football Playoff. Gotta wait till next year for the 12-team format. Doesn’t help to not have your starting quarterback Quinn Ewers, who’s out with an injury.

Regardless of how this plays out, Matthew McConaughey continues to be the absolute man. I suspect any other A-list celebrity who was embedded with their alma mater to this degree would give off kinda strange vibes…

McConaughey makes it unambiguously cool.

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